Our Mission is to promote ethics, legislative advocacy, continuing education and facilitate contact with the public for the profession of Notary Public.

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Last Updated 9/20/2016
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Open Letter from the ‘New Jersey Notary Association’

Due to unfortunate medical reasons; our President Alice Tulecki, had to resign. We the remaining board members are sadden by the outcome. Alice’s dream was to have NJNA become the premier go to ‘Notary Public’ organization in New Jersey. Whereas, it would be that a Board Member would replace her, most of us have other obligations and can’t fully devote the time needed in this position. Thereby, in keeping her dream, we would like to reach out to our members and any commissioned ‘New Jersey Notary Public’, that feels he or she qualifies to become our new President.

The Duties of this Officer are:

1.He/she shall preside at all membership meeting. 
2.He/she shall be present, at each annual meeting, and report on the work of the organization.
3.He/she shall appoint all committees, temporary or permanent, unless otherwise specified.
4.He/she shall see that all books, reports & certificates are properly filed.  
5.He/she shall be one of the officers who sign the checks or drafts of the organization.
6.He/she shall have reasonable powers as belonging to the chief executive of any organization.
7.He/she shall by virtue of his office, be Chair of the Board of Directors.

The aforementioned requirements should also come with at least 10 years or more experience in the laws and practices of being a New Jersey ‘Notary Public’. In addition, some background in leadership and organizational skills. Whereas, the position is voluntary, the rewards far surpass anything imaginable. 

If you feel that you can be the next President of the ‘New Jersey Notary Association’, we would like to hear from you. A board meeting will be called, and you will be present, so that we can make a decision for someone who will continue to carry the torch, and make Alice’s dream a reality. Send us your resume, with your work experiences to:



Diana Brown
Membership Chairperson
Ass’t. Vice President