1979 –Consumer Price Index: 72.6
1st Class Postage Stamp was $0.15
Jimmy Carter was President of The United States
Federal Debt: $829 billion
The United States had never been the target of a terrorist attack
The US PATRIOT Act didn’t exist

2008 – Consumer price index: 215.3
1st Class Postage Stamp $0.42
The first African-American President was elected
Federal Debt: $9,229 billion
Citizens live under a color coded “terrorist threat” indicator
US PATRIOT Act well established
Precedent setting lawsuit named an employer and a notary guilty of misconduct

We are no longer enjoying the innocence and naivety of 1979; yet that is the last
time that New Jersey Notary Law was updated. Many industries today are regulated
in compliance of the US PATRIOT Act; demanding higher standards for identification
of customers but current notarial law in New Jersey does not require any specific
standard to identify signers.

Notary Law in New Jersey needs a significant overhaul to protect New Jersey
Commerce, its Citizens, and its Notaries Public. Many Notaries Public have taken
it upon themselves to adhere to commonly utilized practices; but still many of NJ
Notaries do not.

With two significant and precedent setting lawsuits in 2008 and 2009; our legislators
must act to protect all transactions that require execution by a New Jersey Notary.

To protect our New Jersey commerce transactions that rely on proper execution by
New Jersey Notaries, New Jersey law must be amended to provide:

1. Education for all New Jersey Notaries Public in proper execution of their
oath of office, substantiate understanding via written examination;
2. Requirements to maintain records of every notarial act performed;
3. Specific identification requirements of all signers in any notarial act;
4. Require a seal as evidence of the Notary Public’s official office
5. Criminal background check via FBI fingerprint screening of any candidate
for the Office of Notary Public

New Jersey Notary Association supports current A463, sponsored by Asw Joan Voss
as a critical first step in this important process of updating the New Jersey Notaries
Public Act of 1979. On May 27, 2010 Senator Scutari joined Dr. Voss and introduced
S2008, identical to A463 for Senate consideration.

See http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/ for up to date information on these important bills.
 New Jersey Notary Association
Last Updated 12/4/2013
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